Victor Harbor Driving School was established in 2010.  Since our establishment, we have had approximately 1300 students gain driving skills that will keep them safe forever.  Victor Harbor Driving School's main focus is to teach students of all ages the safest way to drive. The skills learnt at Victor Harbor Driving School should ensure students are not involved in accidents.  


Between Shane and Kazz, we have extensive experience on working with youth and the elderly to learn a very important skill; the skill to stay alive on the road. 


Our relaxed but professional approach makes the lesson experience enjoyable, educational and most importantly, memorable.


Being a small business owner, we understand that finances can be tight for many, so we work hard to get students to a safe level and ready for the test as efficiently as possible.  


Living in a country town and being well connected to the community, we are unaware of any Victor Harbor Driving School students being involved in any serious car accidents causing injuries or worse. To achieve this result, students have been taught to maintain a safe following distance (3 seconds) from the vehicles in front of them.  We train students to keep their eyes looking high, up the road, to give them early notice of changing road conditions or circumstances, thus enabling them to predict what might happen when they approach that location. 


Our constant reminder to students is to drive with the correct attitude, looking after their friends in the car and other road users.


"Drive on the road like everybody wants to kill you, or themselves"




'Passed my VORT first time after only a minimal number of lessons with Shane.

Really appreciated the relaxed but professional approach. .....genuinely passionate about driver education.....not his job but opportunity to create better drivers....thoroughly recommended



 So grateful to have had the opportunity to do my lessons with Shane!

Always felt relaxed about each lesson and came away from each one much more confident.  

Definitely recommend







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